Driverless tractors, autonomous road rollers, self driving fire-fighting vehicles: because of the fact, that offroad vehicles are moving inside delimited areas, the chance of soon implementation for autonomous offroad robotic vehicles is much higher than for Google Car & Co. On behalf of an organic farmer we are currently developing a system for fully autonomous weed control. Thereby a image processing based crop plant classification is done. Afterwards, detected weeds are killed using a high performance laser system.


The camera vision based solutions of PAS can be used with already working systems and can be retrofitted to all kind of vehicles. On this basis equipped vehicles are able to locate themselfe and navigate without external signals like GPS. Furthermore our obstacle detection avoids collisions with static or dynamic obstacles and finds alternative routes in case of detection.


PAS was founded in 2014 and the crowdinvesting plattform CONDA was joined, whereby more than 80.000€ were gained from investors.